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Galaxy 4 Bioinformaticians


  • A wi-fi enabled laptop.
  • A modern web browser ; Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari will work best.
  • Latest version of VirtualBox.
  • The virtual machine image for this workshop.
  • Knowledge and comfort with the Unix/Linux command line interface and a text editor. If you don't know what cd, mv, rm, mkdir and so on can do, then you will struggle in this workshop.

Introduction to Galaxy

Architecture of Galaxy

Instructor Julien Seiler
Duration 3 hours
Content Setup of a Galaxy instance on a simple Linux virtual machine (Hands-on)
Prerequisites Unix basic knowledges

Introduction to tool configuration

Instructor Stephanie Le Gras
Duration 3 hours
Content Tool packaging for galaxy
Prerequisites Unix basic knowledges

Galaxy ToolShed

Instructor Stephanie Le Gras
Duration 3 hours
Content How to package Galaxy tools for the Galaxy Tool Shed
Prerequisites Package tools for Galaxy
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