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 +===== IGBMC Galaxy training =====
 +The IGBMC Galaxy working group is proud to announce the upcoming IGBMC Galaxy training.
 +The training will be held the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th of december 2013 at the CNRS building in Cronenbourg in the interactive room (1st floor).
 +[[http://​​acces/​acces_cronenbourg.aspx|See how to get there]]
 +==== Content of the course ====
 +The training will focus on bio-analysis mainly applied to NGS data analysis. It is mainly devoted to biologists with no or low background in bioinformatics. The training may be of interest for people with intermediate level in bioinformatics or people willing to learning more about Galaxy. Each part of the training will contain a theorical part (1 to 2 hours) and a practical part (4 to 5 hours). ​
 +The courses will be given mainly by external teachers (see the programme picture below) and Marco Antonio Mendoza Parra from Hinrich Gronemeyer'​s lab will be presenting the tool they [[http://​​cgi/​content/​full/​gkt829?​ijkey=UquBkRO8yVzLHzg&​keytype=ref | recently published ]].
 +{{ :​galaxytrainingschedule.png?​700 |}}
 +{{:​galaxytrainingschedule.pdf|Download the training programme}}
 +==== Registration fees ====
 +Registration fees: 300€ (fees cover wage, accommodation,​ transport for the teachers and lunches for the training days).
 +==== Registration form ====
 +Download the registration form: {{:​registrationform.pdf|pdf}} {{:​registrationform.docx|word}}
 +Registration form should be filled in, signed by your team leader and sent or brought to Stephanie Le Gras.
 +==== Contact ====
 +For more information,​ please contact us ( or
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