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Tutorial and help

Keynote supports

Internal tutorial

How to get data into the GalaxEast platform

Introduction to chip-seq data analysis

Example datasets can be retrieve from Shared data/Data Libraries in the Galaxy menu. Select Chip seq test dataset (chr10).

Data are from: Strub, T., Giuliano, S., Ye, T., Bonet, C., Keime, C., Kobi, D., Le Gras, S., Cormont, M., Ballotti, R., and Bertolotto, C. (2011). Essential role of microphthalmia transcription factor for DNA replication, mitosis and genomic stability in melanoma. Oncogene 30, 2319–2332.

RNA-seq data analysis with GalaxEast

External tutorial and help

List of tutorials (source: Galaxy main)

RNA-seq course

Chip-seq tutorial using Nebula (Curie Institute instance of Galaxy)

FAQ for Galaxy (source: Galaxy main)

Help on file format (Source: UCSC)

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