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Selection, Lines, Pattern, Operation, Comparison


Filters the data depending on a user specified conditional statement.


This tool selects the data for which a specified conditional statement is right.

General comments (Warning/Tips)

If your data is not tab-delimited, use Text Manipulation→Convert.

Make sure that every line of the column being filtered fits the condition. If a line is invalid for a filter condition, it will be skipped. The number of skipped lines is displayed in the history item.

Synthax of the conditional statement:
Double equal signs, ==, must be used as “equal to”.
Make sure that multi-character logical operators contain no white space ( e.g., <= is valid while < = is not valid )
Non-numerical values (text) must be surrounded by single or double quotes.


  • Filter: select the input file. It must be tab-delimited.
  • With following condition: enter the filtering condition. It can be either a calculation ( + - / * ) or a comparison ( < <= > >= == != ). So, the filtering condition can include logical operators. The operators need to be lower case. Note also that columns are referenced with c followed by a number. For example, c1 refers to the first column.


  c1=='chr1' selects lines in which the first column is chr1
  c3-c2<c4 selects lines where subtracting column 2 from column 3 is less than the value of column 4
  len(c2.split(',')) < 4 selects lines where the second column has less than four comma separated elements
  c2*100>=400 selects lines in which the value of column 2 times 100 is greater than or equal to 400
  • Number of header lines to skip: give the corresponding number. These lines will be conserved in the output.


The tab-delimited output dataset contains the lines selected by the condition.


Usage Example: selecting all genes located between the positions 150 and 500.


Filter: file_filter.txt

With following condition: 150<c2<500

Number of header lines to skip: 0

With file_filter.txt containing :


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July 18th, 2014

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