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URL, Local file, FTP, Multiple download


Downloads data directly from web and uploads files from your disk or from a FTP server.


This tool allows direct download from web and upload of files from your disk or from a FTP server. Multiple datasets can be uploaded at the same time.
You can drag and drop files to use this tool.

General comments (Warning/Tips)

!! You need to select a genome in the drop down list !!


  • Choose local file: with this tool you can upload a file from your disk.
  • Choose FTP file: this tool allows to upload a file from a FTP server.
  • Create new file: you may use this tool to upload files in two ways:
    1. You can paste the content of a file
    2. You can also enter an URL
  • Genome: select the genome your file is referring to.
  • Type: this section is optional. You may indicate the format of the file you are going to upload. The default will be set to “Auto-detect”.


The uploaded files will be displayed in the history in the format you indicated in the section Type.


Example showing the download of two files:

  1. Download from an URL
  2. Download of a local file



Edited on

July 24rd, 2014

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