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Text manipulation, Conversion, Case


Helps you to change the case of selected columns in a file.


This tool helps you to change the case of selected columns in a file. You can use it to change text to be all lower case or all upper case.

General comments (Warning/Tips)

This tool converts all letters either to Uppercase or to Lowercase

You may use this tool before using other case sensitive galaxy tools.


  • from: select the input file.
  • Change case of columns: enter the columns from which you want to change the case. Columns are referenced with c followed by the column number ( Example : c1 refers to the first column). If you want to change the case of several columns, enter a comma-separated list.
  • Delimited by: select the delimiters used in the input file. The columns has to be delimited by one of the following elements:
    • Tab
    • Whitespace
    • Dot ( . )
    • Comma ( , )
    • Dash ( - )
    • Underscore ( _ )
    • Pipe ( | )
  • To: select the desired text-formatting option :
    • Upper case
    • Lower case


The tab delimited resulting dataset contains the same values as the input dataset but the case of selected columns has changed.


Usage Example: changing the case of columns 1 and 4.


From: file_changeCase.txt

Change case of columns: c1,c4

Delimited by: Tab

To: Upper case

With file_changeCase.txt containing :


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July 14th, 2014

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